The Pentagon has installed a fighter F-35 aircraft gun

Published test video of the aircraft gun installed on the American F-35 fighter.

The Pentagon first showed footage of visible test aircraft guns mounted on fighter F-35 - The previously automatic 25-millimeter cannon was not used as an armament of this military aircraft, however, military experts came to a common opinion that the installation of new weapons will increase the effectiveness of the aircraft in close combat.

The 25-mm aviation automatic gun mounted on the American F-35 fighter has a high rate of fire - about 55 shots per second, but a small ammunition (220 shells - approx.), Is unlikely to allow the aircraft to improve combat qualities compared to other aircraft having similar weapons.

It is assumed that the conclusion about the need to use an air cannon on the F-35 fighter was made after a test flight, when it became clear that the effectiveness of combat aircraft combat is extremely small.


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