Pentagon awards $430M contract to produce additional Himars

The United States signed a contract for the production of an additional 3 thousand missiles for the Himars MLRS.

$430 million was allocated for the purchase of additional ammunition for the Himars MLRS. At the same time, which is very remarkable, we are talking about additional missiles for the needs of the American army. This indicates that due to the supply of these munitions for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the American army was faced with a clear shortage of ammunition to maintain its defense capability.

Given the shortage of missiles for the Himars MLRS, the supply of such ammunition for the needs of the Ukrainian army next year will not be provided, at least we are talking about the M30 and M31 missiles, which are the most popular due to the ability to be corrected by satellites.

Given the current shortage of ammunition, experts believe that the United States has transferred at least 10 missiles to Kyiv since the beginning of this year, most of which the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already used up and lost during Russian military strikes on warehouses with similar ammunition.

It is not known how long it will take to produce such a number of missiles, but the United States intends to refuse to supply Ukraine with additional Himars MLRS in 2023.


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