Pentagon: Procurement and delivery of 18 HIMARS systems and related ammunition will take several years

The United States denied the delivery of 18 Himars MLRS to Ukraine next month.

The supply of 18 Himars MLRS for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will take several years, and in the near future Kyiv should not count on additional launchers of American MLRS. Initially, it was assumed that the delivery would be completed within the next month, however, the US Department of Defense denied this.

As follows from the information provided by the American side, the Pentagon will need several years to purchase, manufacture and send to Ukraine 18 multiple launch rocket systems. Deliveries will indeed be made to Ukraine in small batches, depending on their readiness, however, Kyiv will not receive additional launchers before the end of this year.

“Procurement and delivery of these HIMARS systems and related ammunition will take several years. Today's announcement is just the beginning of the procurement process." - said a senior Pentagon official.

To date, the United States has faced a number of difficulties in supplying these systems to the armament of Ukraine, since the United States did not have extra launchers and ammunition.


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