The transfer of additional fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces to Syria became a signal to Israel

The deployment of additional fighters at the Khmeimim airbase was a signal to Israel.

After additional forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces were deployed to the Russian military airbase Khmeimim in Syria a few days ago, there have been speculations that in this way Russia is trying to send a clear signal to Israel after the Russian Foreign Ministry announced its intentions to start countering Israeli aggression against Syria. It is assumed that the combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces transferred to Syria will be used to intercept Israeli fighters in the event that the latter appear near the Syrian borders for strikes.

“Sooner or later, the cup of patience, including the Syrian government, may be overflowing, and a retaliatory strike will follow, which will accordingly lead to a new round of tension. These attacks must be stopped, they are counterproductive. We hope that the Israeli side hears our concerns, including concerns about the possible escalation of violence in Syria. "- said the special envoy of the Russian president, Alexander Lavrentiev.

Earlier, Russia actively practiced sending its combat aircraft to the borders of Syria, which made it possible to interfere with the strikes of the Israeli Air Force, which does not exclude the possibility that this time the Russian Aerospace Forces may begin to ensure the safety of the airspace of the Arab Republic.

Well, yes, yesterday ...

NOBODY WILL ATTACK ISRAELI AIRCRAFT, neither Russia nor Syria. And if they try, then they really do not hurt. I think this is fake. Several days ago Israel paid for the Sputnik VI vaccine for Syria. And he transferred to Russia 1mill. 300 thousand dollars. Well, who then attacks the Israeli FALCONS?

Quite recently, a writer known for his statements, mostly in language, that, allegedly, a Russian bomber in Syria (the aggressor in his understanding) bombed "peaceful" settlements and was shot down for this? And again he missed, because he did not know that the bomber should be accompanied by a fighter that was not there that day!? Now this will not happen. Thank God!

Nobody wants to listen to any concerns.

The last 2,5 planes from Russia are being transferred to Syria! There are not even kukurizniks left. They destroyed everything !!!

Kozma Prutkov said: "The harm or benefit of an action is determined by a combination of circumstances ...". It seems to me that the totality of the developing circumstances convinces us that the benefits from the actions of our fighters will be greater than harm ...

It's time

need to do more and talk less