The T-72M1 tanks handed over by Slovakia a few days ago have already been spotted in the Donbass

The tanks that arrived from Slovakia a few days ago have already been spotted in the Donbass.

After Slovakia handed over the T-72M1 tanks that were previously in service to Ukrainian units a few days ago, it became known that these vehicles had already been transferred to the Donbass. This is evidenced data, published by the "Telegram" channel "WarLife" and the corresponding video, in which you can actually see the T-72M1 tanks.

Information about the transfer of T-72M1 tanks by Slovakia was unofficial. However, the fact that this equipment was transferred to Ukraine became known just a few days ago. Nevertheless, if it was assumed that the tanks would be in the central part of Ukraine, it turned out that they were promptly transferred to the eastern direction.

On the presented video frames, you can see military equipment moving through one of the settlements, allegedly in the Donbass. Not only Slovak T-72M1s, but also Ukrainian T-72AMTs were seen in the convoy. The exact number of tanks transferred to the Donbass is not disclosed, however, according to a number of data, Slovakia could provide Ukraine with up to 24 armored vehicles of this type.

Earlier, Poland also announced its intentions to transfer up to 100 T-72 tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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