American missiles M31 GMLRS transferred to Ukraine were protected from electronic warfare systems

The American M31A1 GMLRS missiles turned out to be immune to the operation of electronic warfare systems due to their special range.

Despite the fact that it was previously assumed that American missiles for the Himars MLRS could be suppressed by the powerful work of electronic warfare, it turned out that this particular type of missile is immune to electronic countermeasures due to the special GPS range. This was probably not intended before.

As it turns out, the missile guidance system uses a modulated rangefinding P(Y) code, which is strictly for use by the US military, US federal agencies, and some allied militaries. In fact, the impact on the means of global positioning is carried out, however, due to the special encoding of information and control of data from satellites, it is not possible to replace the GPS signal.

This is exactly what experts explain the impossibility of jamming American missiles produced by Himars MLRS, in any case, to date, not a single case of successful EW attacks has been recorded. However, analysts note that the Russian military may well try to suppress the electronic components of missiles and systems that launch them.


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