Su-35 fighters transferred to Iran will be located at the air base in Isfahan

Iranian Su-8s will be located at the 35th Shekari base in Isfahan.

According to Iranian media, Tehran will soon receive a batch of 24 Su-35 fighters, as part of existing agreements with Russia. Two squadrons of these combat aircraft will be deployed at the 8th Shekari base in Isfahan, in fact, at an equal distance from the southern, western and northern borders. This provides an opportunity for the operational deployment of these combat aircraft.

According to Iranian journalist Reza Abbasi, at the moment, preparations are underway at the 8th Shekari base to receive two squadrons of Su-35 fighters. The exact date of the transfer of 4++ generation combat aircraft to Iran is not called, however, this may happen within the next few months. Thanks to the deployment of fighters in Isfahan, Iran will be able to cover the most important parts of its airspace. Moreover, which is very remarkable, earlier it was reported that Iran did intend to purchase 60 Su-35 fighters from Russia.

Despite the information voiced by the Iranian media, no official statements from Russia regarding the supply of Su-35 fighters to Iran have been made so far.


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