EW Complex


Advanced Russian electronic warfare system "Repellent" destroyed in Armenia

One of the most advanced Russian electronic warfare systems was destroyed by an Azerbaijani drone.

A few hours ago it became known that one of the most advanced Russian electronic warfare systems "Repellent", which was protecting the positions of the Armenian military, was destroyed by an Azeri attack drone. Electronic warfare complex, according to According to the Russian manufacturer, JSC STC-REB, was supposed to suppress small unmanned aerial vehicles, which was the Azerbaijani kamikaze drone.

It is known that the electronic suppression system covered one of the command posts on the territory of Armenia, however. under unknown circumstances, the Azerbaijani drone was not only not found, but it was also not possible to drown it, which clearly lowers the authority of the electronic warfare "Repellant" system. According to some reports, the drone could additionally hide behind the electronic warfare of Azerbaijan, and for this very reason, the "Repellent" could not fulfill the task assigned to it.

At the moment, no official comments on this matter from Armenia have been received, however, the loss of the complex may mean that the further protection of important military facilities by such means is in doubt.

It should be noted that today a relatively small number of electronic warfare systems are in service with Armenia, most of which are Soviet.

It is possible that the electronic warfare was destroyed from the air, and even from previously reconnoitered positions (if not changed) or merged by some kind of betrayal, with the help of aviation and F-16 aircraft, and a second drone strike was applied to the already destroyed equipment in order to hide traces of defeat an air-to-ground missile aircraft?

there is a video .. how they destroy him .. clearly everything is visible

UAV Israeli - Harpy 2 (MBT Harop).

The complex of the "Russian" is not Armenian, but the "Azerbaijani" UAV, why not Turkish?)

In order for the repellent to counteract the drones, you must first plug the plug into the outlet, then press the on button.

Who and on what basis made conclusions about the inability to fulfill the task of countering the UAV? The UAV attacked the Repellent, already destroyed by artillery fire, as an object that poses the greatest threat. This is a written truth. Watch and analyze Azerbaijani fakes carefully

And where did you find in the text that the Repellent was in operation, the operators were trained, etc. ?? Where is it proved that he really did not cope with the task ??? Just to whine

Upon detection of the operation of the electronic warfare system, the drone enters a protected mode, when all its electronic systems are replaced by a simple control device that guides it according to the signal intensity (a primitive detector). The stronger the EW signal, the easier it is to target.

Well, it remains to check their performance in Russia)) Already in Syria and Armenia there are jambs ... Israel and Turkey have technologies to combat our weapons

For some unknown reason)))))

It is immediately evident that you do not know anything about the complexes. There are many nuances in the operation of air defense systems. Judging by the fact that the UAV destroyed the complex, it is safe to say about the human factor. The unpreparedness of the calculation, the carelessness of all this led to the destruction of the complex.

and fairy tales tell us that our weapons are the most advanced and technical in the world, but in fact, everything is very deplorable

And there are no photographs. There are only fakes of Azerbaijanis who have losses. We learned from the Turks. The Turks lost most of the drones in Idlib in the spring, and boasted that, on the contrary, they destroyed all the Armor.

And did not try to find photofacts.?