Intercepted "enemy" plane was Russian

Forcedly planed in Pskov, the plane was Russian

On the nineteenth of April in the Pskov Region a light-engined plane was forcibly landed. According to Interfax, referring to a competent source, he was not a foreign intruder.

Light Russian aircraft deviated from its route. After some time, it was detected by Russian radars. Then, Russian air defense assets joined the events. As a result of their actions, the aircraft landed.

According to the first information that appeared on Friday, it was said that the Russian military forcibly planted a foreign small aircraft that flew into the airspace of Russia from the Baltic states.

As we said in our youth:
- For each tricky nut there is a bolt with a left-hand thread.
So that the Jews, if they do not lie, let them not rejoice. Let's define, recustomize, modernize. Do not forget how in Yugoslavia the old “invisible” complexes of the Americans, after which they did not send them there.