Swords into plowshares


Beat their swords into plowshares? Defense utilizes outdated drones.

January 15, 2014. The Ministry of Defense is actively preparing for the disposal of unmanned aerial systems that entered service more than 20 years ago. Nine unmanned aerial vehicles have been disposed of in three years. Their use was considered ineffective, and storage was not very advisable. This was reported by the Izvestia newspaper, with reference to documents on the development of the Russian Air Force.

Industrial enterprises (which will be determined in mid-March of this year) will have to process the aircraft reconnaissance complexes Reis, Strizh, Krylo and "Bee-1".



The Reis complex was commissioned in the early 1970s. He conducted radio and photo reconnaissance. Shooting from a height of 500 meters made it possible to recognize objects on the ground as small as twenty centimeters.

The Swift passed state tests in the 1980 year and was mainly intended for aerial reconnaissance work using an infrared camera and a camera. The device could rise to a height of six kilometers and accelerated to one thousand kilometers per hour, overcoming a distance of 900 kilometers in one flight. 

"Wing", a similar apparatus, was also equipped with a turbojet engine and had a flat fuselage shape with a wing located very low.

Unmanned aerial vehicle "Pchela-1" was used during the first Chechen campaign. This device had a smaller size and could transmit the image in the thermal and television ranges in real time. 


"Bee-1» drone

The composition of the unmanned complex, in addition to the aircraft itself, also includes a whole complex of equipment, which, together with the aircraft, has to be reworked, since its parts also include valuable metals.

The Ministry of Defense plans to spend up to 20,8 million rubles for all scrapping work.



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