Explosion in Syria


Syria truce lasted 16 minutes

The truce in Syria lasted only 16 minutes.

As part of the negotiations between Turkey and Russia, an agreement was reached, according to which Syrian government forces and the Russian military, for the period of 72 hours, should have been a truce between terrorists holding Idlib and the territories of Hama and Lattakia provinces. Despite the fact that it was the Turkish side that made the truce, the ceasefire in the region lasted only 16 minutes.

According to social networks, after 16 minutes after the temporary cease-fire regime came into force, the militants of the Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham group (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.) Opened artillery fire on Syrian positions the military, in connection with which, the Syrian government forces fired back at the militants, destroying, inter alia, several vehicles of terrorists in the territory of the province of Hama.

It should be clarified that despite the massive losses of the militants and terrorists, they continue to hold the territory under their control, but the Syrian government forces, with the direct support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, managed to liberate several regions of the country.

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