The world's first female F-35 fighter pilot crashed a plane on its first flight

The world's first female pilot, crashed an F-35 fighter on her first try.

After the publication of a video of the collision of an American F-35 fighter with the deck of an aircraft carrier, it became known that the world's first female F-35 pilot was at the helm of the US Navy's fifth generation fighter. This, according to American sources, was her first flight from the deck of an aircraft carrier, which was enough to destroy a fighter worth more than $ 100 million.

The information that the fighter was flown by a woman was presented to the media by one of the crew members of the American aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, noting that despite the fact that the woman had completed a full course of training and successfully completed the take-off and landing training program on the deck of an aircraft carrier, for her, the current flight was the first from the deck of a real warship.

It is noteworthy that in the video you can hear that the crew is furiously giving instructions to the F-35 pilot, probably realizing that the crash of the fighter will be virtually inevitable, and literally in a matter of moments the woman is trying to align the fighter with the deck, but completely unsuccessfully.

The command of the US Navy has not yet commented on such information.

First flight with landing on Avik, why not?

I wonder how the retired pilot Christine Mau, who has been working at Lockhead Martin in recent years, can make the first flight now (did it in 2015 on f35) and also crash it as a civilian? fake news



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