Russia's first large-scale strike on Ukraine will be inflicted by 170 cruise missiles

Russia will unleash a strike of 170 cruise missiles on Ukraine in case of an attempt to attack the Donbass or Crimea.

Russia is ready to instantly launch a strike, including 170 cruise missiles, on the Ukrainian military, military airfields and bases. We are talking only about the first wave of attack, which should either make Kiev think about stopping the escalation, or lead to a subsequent wave of attack. This is how Kiev evaluates Russia's actions. For obvious reasons, the air defense systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be able to repel such a strike even if all the air defense / missile defense systems in service with Kiev in possible attack areas are used.

It is quite obvious that not only ground systems will be involved in the strikes, but also combat aircraft, as well as, more than likely, warships and submarines. This indicates that it will be simply impossible to repel an attack from three directions at once.

“Obviously, it began to dawn on Kiev that Russia does not intend to put up with threats against itself. One warning will be more than enough to make the strikes against the Armed Forces justified.”, - the expert marks.

Today, according to various estimates, there is a Russian army of 126 thousand people only near the Ukrainian border, however, the Russian side has repeatedly assured that an attack on Ukraine is not planned, provided that Kiev does not create pretexts for this, however, even otherwise, actions aimed only at protecting Russian citizens in the Donbass will be taken.


Alas. This is confirmed only by our generals. I would like confirmation from independent sources.

Efficiency was confirmed in the Syrian when calibers were launched from the Mediterranean Sea at objects in Syria

Wow! You probably run around each warehouse, checking a single rocket?

For 9 years, Russia was able to produce only about 600 calibers. These are all missiles that are placed on ships of all types in all fleets. Given this, the missiles deployed in the region of Ukraine will only be enough for the first strike. Given that the effectiveness of the calibers has not yet been confirmed by experts, the results of such a strike are unknown.

Why not. When we made a mosquito, then 10-12 per month. And crocodiles 12-18.

sounds menacing, for those distraught from the frenzy of the shadow of war, who do not think that coffins can be on both sides.

And why exactly 170 missiles? Why not 171 or 173 or 178 ? Where does this data come from?????

Yes, there will be nothing! As usual, as children are measured by rulers. Why so little 170? Maybe 1700?

Well, where is your NATA in Afghanistan? history does not teach you anything

47 more remain. you have old data

Yes, of course not, where do they come from, in Russia. We have a maximum of one, well, two ...

You know a lot:

Enough fifty for decision-making centers.

NATO will not help, we are covered!

really already got it with this war game, for seven years every day the media write about it, but it just doesn’t start in any way, and God forbid that it never starts.

They have from all (diseases) Jevellins and Bayraktara. Where are our missiles before them.

What kind of missiles, NATO will put everyone down, it is necessary to take out all those who have been given passports, and militants in the Russian Federation, before it's too late, for Russian grub.

Evil tale

170? There is no such quantity in Russia



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