The first launch of the Sarmat missile will take place within XNUMX hours

Sources reported the first launch of the Russian Sarmat missile.

Within the next 24 hours, and, probably, this event will come much earlier, Russia will begin the first tests of the newest heavy intercontinental ballistic missile with hypersonic warheads "Sarmat". According to the information provided by the sources, within the next day, it is planned to launch a rocket from the Plesetsk cosmodrome at a target at the Kura test site (Kamchatka), which will be the first of three tests scheduled before the end of this year.

Information about the tests of the newest Russian heavy intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat" appeared against the background of the publication of a warning about the closure of the airspace. As follows from the data presented, an entire corridor with a length of almost 6 thousand kilometers is specially closed on the rocket flight route.

Quite remarkable is the fact that the United States is also aware of the probable test of the Russian heavy Sarmat ICBM, as evidenced by the appearance of an American military reconnaissance aircraft near the Russian borders, which could well collect data on the parameters of the missile tested by the Russian military, and, which is very uncharacteristic , Russia raised a Su-35 fighter into the sky, thereby driving the US Air Force away from Kamchatka, as evidenced by video footage published by the Russian Ministry of Defense.