Russian drone


The first Russian drone will be presented at the MAKS-2015 air show

At the international air show "MAX-2015», Russia will present its first drone.

The new aircraft is not only much cheaper in production costs, but also allows you to perform a range of tasks related to surveillance, aerial photography, as well as to rescue people.

As it became known to the news agency, the new unmanned aerial vehicle was developed by engineers of RTI Aerospace Systems, together with the Ural Civil Aviation Plant, and by now the prototype has already passed a number of necessary tests and will soon be put into operation in various state, and subsequently in commercial structures.

Unmanned aerial vehicle according to experts, can replace the various types of aircraft operated at the present time for monitoring areas such as helicopters Mi and Mi-2-8, ispolzuemyee to monitor the fire situation, oil and gas pipelines, etc.


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