Shot down a drone


First shot down: Israel paid for a new attack on Syria

Israeli drone destroyed near the Syrian capital.

A few hours ago, contrary to Russia's special position, Israel again attacked the territory of Syria, firing several rockets on the southern suburbs of the Syrian capital. However, almost simultaneously with this, the Syrian air defense systems shot down an unknown Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle.

In the video frames presented by the Telegram community of Gallifrey Technologies, you can see that the unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed by a direct hit by an anti-aircraft guided missile, while a number of sources report that two unmanned aerial vehicles that were allegedly corrected were destroyed missile strikes against Syria.

There are no official comments from Israel on this subject, but experts draw attention to the fact that Tel Aviv began to act contrary to the position of the Russian leader, who promised an immediate response for Israel in the event of further attacks on Syria, including through the use of Russian air defense systems in case of arbitrariness of Tel Aviv.

It is noteworthy that several days ago there was unconfirmed information that the Syrian military was allowed to freely use S-300 air defense systems to destroy Israeli aircraft, but provided that Damascus was responsible for this.

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Israel is an unofficially 51 US state. So it’s supported by America’s nuclear warheads, so no need to whistle a lie

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Is Iran an aggressor? And who did he attack? But bombing someone else’s territory isn't this aggression?

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Why is Putler’s eReFii, when it comes to the Middle East, always accused of Israel in all troubles? Indeed, it has long been known that the PEACEFUL state of Israel did not attack anyone first, and all Arab-Israeli wars were the first to be unleashed - Arab bandits. And Russia should, in the first place, support Israel, which serves as a human shield - from the Islamist threat to the whole world (including Russia). And for what, in general - OUR RUSSIAN SOLDIERS die in this Syria? (yes, and myself, I am RUSSIAN, if that ...)

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