The first T-50 began to pass state tests


The first T-50 began to pass state tests

February 21, 2014 The first flight board of the next, fifth generation T-50 fighter (according to other documents, it passes under the PAKFA abbreviation) flew to the military airfield of the 929th Military Aircraft Test Center near Akhtubinsk. Here he will conduct test flights as part of state tests. The fighter was controlled by 1st class test pilot Sergei Chernyshov.

Strike Fighter T-50 has, the assurances of developers airline "Dry"A number of unique abilities.

Back in December, 2013 years, voiced statements of Russian Air Force command, that they expect to supply serial T-50, 2016 years since. It is not excluded that the successful and accelerated tests of the aircraft, it can begin to flow in flight before the expected shelf life.

In parallel, at the airfield in Zhukovsky, which is located in the Moscow region, conducted test flights of four more T-50. At the same time, stands at ground tested systems on board the two cars, one of which is an integrated stand ground, and the other is intended for the static load tests.

The program tests laid evaluate aerodynamic performance, sustainability indicators, as well as the handling in critical conditions. There will also be practiced process of refueling in the air.


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