Petrozavodsk Airport


Petrozavodsk airport will allocate money for reconstructions

The reconstruction of Petrozavodsk airport will allocate 1 billion rubles.

Part of the funds, which is 500 million rubles, will be allocated from the state budget, and the rest will be financed by private individuals, including businessmen, bankers, industrialists, etc. - anyone interested in renovating the old airport.

At the moment it remains unknown when exactly the financial investments will be allocated for the reconstruction of the Petrozavodsk airport, however, according to information available, the investments will allow repairing the runway, taxiways, apron, temporary parking places for aircraft, etc. Airport infrastructure facilities.

Among other things, part of the money will be spent on the construction of a new passenger terminal, which, according to experts, can lead to the further development of the air transport hub as such, which can attract additional investments not only from Russian businessmen, but also from foreign companies.


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