Pyongyang threatens to strike the United States amid weakening Washington due to coronavirus

In North Korea, they threatened to strike the United States.

Official Pyongyang announced its readiness to strike at the United States, amid the prevailing situation with the spread of coronavirus, announced its readiness to deliver a powerful blow to the United States of America.

From the official statement of Pyongyang, it follows that the DPRK is no longer interested in the US proposals, and if the US persists, this country will suffer a painful blow.

“We lost interest in the dialogue after the comments of Pompeo (US Secretary of State - ed.). If the US bothers us, it will hurt ”- said official Pyongyang

According to preliminary data, the statement was made against the backdrop of the fact that another missile test was conducted in the DPRK and the US position was seriously weakened due to the new type of coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, official Pyongyang tested several new types of missiles that turned out to be invulnerable to the existing US missile defense systems, in particular, it was reported that we are even talking about maneuvering combat units that allow overcoming the capabilities of missile defense systems.

Washington has not yet commented on Pyongyang’s statement, but the situation could become very serious.