Fighter F-18


A pilot of the American F-18, trying to take a selfie, collided with a refueling plane

The pilot of the American F-18 taking a selfie collided with a tanker plane.

The attempt of the American F-18 fighter pilot to take a selfie turned into a tragedy for six people. Distracted from the control of a combat aircraft, the fighter pilot crashed into a refueling aircraft at great speed, as a result of which he died (one of the pilots managed to survive - approx.ed.) And five more people aboard a KC-130 refueling aircraft.

Such information follows from the official report of the US Department of Defense, and the incident itself happened back in 2018, which was reported by the media, however, as it turned out, the cause of the tragedy was not a technical malfunction at all. As it was positioned initially, but the complete irresponsibility of the pilot of the American fighter.

The Telegram-Military Observer community reports that the pilot tried to take a photograph in which he reads a book, however, after just a second, control of the combat aircraft was lost.

There are no official comments on this subject from the United States, however, obviously, the tragedy led to the introduction of new bans for American military pilots, as previously reported by military sources in the United States of America.