Pilot F-22


Pilot F-22: the least I want to do with Russian planes

American pilots said they did not want to intercept Russian military aircraft.

The incident that occurred a few days ago in the sky over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Alaska caused discomfiture not only in the United States of America, but in the whole world - Russian strategic bombers, accompanied by a large number of Su-35 fighters, flew to the borders of US airspace at a distance of only 90 kilometers, completely debunking the myth that the Pentagon controls the movement of Russian aviation and is ready to meet it with escorts long before approaching the established borders.

Due to the fact that Russian military aircraft were at the very borders of Alaska, fighter 5-th generation F-22 were sent to escort the strategic aviation forces of Russia (according to US media, it was about interception - ed.). However, in view of the fact that Russian planes did not show any aggression, after the departure of the bombers and escort fighters, the American pilots returned to their bases.

Nevertheless, as follows from the data of the publication "Alaskapublic", American pilots are increasingly leaving the service in the ranks of the US Air Force, the main reason is the reluctance to intercept Russian aircraft, which, though rare enough, but still appear at the borders of the United States of America.

"Alaska is one of the less protected states of the United States, even though it is extremely close to Russia. Pilots increasingly refuse to serve in the Air Force, not wanting to have any affairs with Russia ", - says the publication.

These reasons were also confirmed by Colonel Dave Skalicka, who noted that despite the fact that the F-22 fighter is one of the perfect planes on the planet, it's not only difficult, but also dangerous, to work with Russian pilots.

"In civil aviation, with much less skill, you can get a lot of money, and not risk your life", - said the American officer.

In turn, the Western media called the last flight of Russian combat aviation equipment off the coast of the United States, a "new era of confrontation", although the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation initially stated that the flight was planned in advance and actually became part of the exercise.

In general, the US Air Force is experiencing an acute shortage of qualified personnel, in particular, it is a question of both pilots and technicians preparing air equipment for flights.

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The military pilots are very clever men of the air, and understand that a collision with the country by a potential adversary can end in very sadness, and this is understood both in the United States and in Russia