Italian F-35 fighter pilot decided to retire after meeting with Russian Su-30

An Italian fighter pilot decided to retire after a meeting with a Russian Su-30.

The pilot of the Italian F-35 fighter was forced to seek psychological help after an unexpected meeting with the Russian Su-30SM fighter in the skies over the Baltic Sea. The incident, apparently, took place in the summer of this year, when the fifth generation of Italian fighters were sent to Estonia to ensure the safety of European airspace over the Baltic.

As follows from the information provided by the Italian media, the maneuvers of the Russian fighter scared the Italian pilot so much (even despite the fact that the latter was flying a fifth-generation F-35 fighter) that the pilot needed the help of psychologists.

According to the Italian pilot, the Russian fighter was making extremely dangerous maneuvers, in fact, calling the F-35 fighter into close combat, although it is clear that the latter could not be discussed.

“I was at my limit. Fear gripped me so much that it even reached the tips of my toes. I understood that the Russian pilot was testing my capabilities and the capabilities of my aircraft, imposing close combat. At the thought of this, tears involuntarily began to stand out. I remembered my fiancée and brother, who had accompanied me on a business trip a month ago ”- said the Italian pilot.

It is known that after a while the Italian pilot decided to leave the service in the Italian Air Force, which is due to his "psychological incompatibility."

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There are, of course, incompatible ones, but this is probably not the point; the fact is that Russian aircraft of the fourth generation, and even with Russian pilots, fly SO that all Westerners, as it should have happened, are seized by animal horror in the literal sense of the abyss seen firsthand in the superiority of the Russian aircraft of the "lower" generation and the superiority in the skill of the Russians pilots who, together, have such a devastating depressing effect that complete horror is the only possible reaction that will never pass; can only intensify even more to a complete breakdown and even loss of consciousness during some next flight! They will NEVER reach such a level, nor even come anywhere near tolerable; it suddenly becomes clear to them; which could not be so clearly understood in any other way except to see it directly for yourself a few meters away! This is an indescribable fusion of piloting skill, multiplied by the perfection of a unique, unattainable level of aircraft technology, which (fusion) has been developed over decades of mutual influence of the first on the second and vice versa; no one in the world succeeds in repeating something like that even with samples of our aircraft - so the American tried it on the SU-27 - and crashed to death (our people warned him, don't, you can't!)!

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PS On, the American F-35 BBC of Italy in Estonia is Italian, and, for example, the Russian Avtobaza-M complex of the Armenian Armed Forces in Armenia is Russian. It is probably necessary to somehow define and codify the production technique of a particular country

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Normal story. I remember, and we had "incompatible", went "to the ground", nothing shameful. It's good when such things are found in exercises, and not in battle. Therefore, the exercise should be in an "environment as close as possible ..."

This is not one pilot, but a whole squadron, moreover, they told the entire NATO air force, and everyone submitted their resignation reports.

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