The crash of an airplane pilot survived


Pilot light aircraft survived the fall from 400 meter height

March 24. The pilot from the small New Zealand town of Pukehohe managed not only to survive after his plane fell from a height of 400 meters, but also to get off with only minor bruises.

His light single-engine aircraft at about half past five in the morning local time due to a malfunction with the engine suddenly began to lose altitude and landed on his back, having made some coup in the air, and only by a happy accident he did not explode.

The plane flew around the territories close to the airport, and when a technical malfunction occurred with it, the pilot first tried to make an emergency landing, but soon realized that it was impossible. The 60-year-old pilot did not even need medical attention, and after three quarters of an hour he was giving interviews to the local media, while being in amazing peace of mind for a man who had just embroidered after a plane crash.


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