The pilot of the Mi-35M almost chopped his colleagues with a helicopter propeller. Video

The bold maneuvering of the Iraqi pilot Mi-35M has fallen on video

The pilot of the Air Force of Iraq, carrying out complex maneuvering on the attack helicopter Mi-35M, flew at the minimum height. The video posted on social networks shows how the war machine quickly rushes over people, almost touching them, while it cost the pilot to err or get distracted for a moment, for the “spectators” on the ground, this could be very tragic.

In the comments to the video, it is noted that such a maneuver is very dangerous, but the pilot performed it with "jeweler" accuracy. This suggests that the pilot has the highest qualifications.

The Mi-35M helicopter is a multi-purpose attack, or, as it is called, “flying infantry fighting vehicle”. He is an upgraded version of the Mi-24. The machine is able to destroy armored vehicles, carry out fire support units of the ground forces, to transport cargo in the cabin and on the external suspension.