Interior of passenger aircraft


The pilot of the Scandinavian airline "declassified" a young couple having sex in the toilet

Pilot "Norwegian Airlines"Congratulated handsfree young couple having sex in the toilet.

A curious incident happened the day before, at the same time, information resource it became known that the Swedish airline pilot «Norwegian Airlines», with the direct landing at the airport in Stockholm, announced on speakerphone (in Swedish - approx. Ed.) Congratulations the address of a young couple, who decided to have sex in the toilet of the aircraft during flight directly.

Information on how to pilot the aircraft learned about these details, remains unknown, and attempts to clarify this at the very crew member met the refusal to comment on anything.

Nevertheless, in spite of the case occurred, a couple actually breaching moral principles and rules of passenger transportation is not subjected to any criticism or administrative penalties, thus, the company management «Norwegian Airlines» refused as whatever happened to comment on the case.


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