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United Airlines pilot crashes into a boarding bridge at Washington airport

The passenger airplane of the American airline "United Airlines"Collided at the airport in Washington with a telescopic ladder.

The incident occurred on the eve, while the perpetrator of the incident, according to the preliminary materials of the investigation, is the pilot of the aircraft, who simply did not calculate the aircraft's dimensions and did not correlate them with the maneuvering speed. As a result of a collision with a telescopic ladder, none of the passengers on board were injured, however, the front of the aircraft was severely damaged, so that all the people on the airliner had to be led out through the door located in the tail section of the aircraft.

As it became known to, in the event of an emergency, an investigation is being carried out at the moment, while the damaged aircraft was sent for technical repairs - according to some reports, the door was completely knocked out from the impact, and the racks located directly at the front exit .


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