Helicopter crash


Kobe Bryant helicopter pilot rescues people by taking the helicopter away from apartment buildings

The pilot of the helicopter on which Kobe Bryant was rescued several dozen people.

About a day ago, tragic news came from California that the world famous basketball player Kobe Bryant had died, whose helicopter crashed in the highlands of the US state. Nevertheless, as it turned out, in the last seconds of the flight, the helicopter pilot showed dedication, and realizing that the helicopter was falling, he did everything to take him away from residential buildings.

“The helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant left Orange County this morning. The flight track shows that he flew around Glendale and then flew west. It appears that the pilot may have avoided houses nearby. ”- said the journalist of the WFAA-TV channel Jason Wheatley.

Judging by the information provided, the pilot really tried to take the already falling car from residential buildings, thereby saving the lives of several dozen people, however, more accurate information can be obtained only after the investigation is completed.

It should be noted that according to preliminary data, the cause of the crash of the Kobe Bryant helicopter could be a technical failure, in particular, a possible failure of the stabilizer is reported.