Ural Airlines pilots who saved the lives of 159 passengers were asked to resign

Ural Airlines pilots Sergei Belov and Eduard Semenov, who made an emergency landing of an A320 aircraft in a field near Novosibirsk, were asked to voluntarily resign. So far, the pilots have not decided to sign their resignation letters, and the airline itself has refused to comment on the situation with the dismissal of Belov and Semenov.

The incident occurred on September 12. The plane, flying from Sochi to Omsk with 159 passengers on board, was forced to make an emergency landing in a field due to a hydraulic system failure. The pilots planned to land in Novosibirsk due to a longer runway, but made a mistake in fuel calculations and urgently landed the plane in a field. According to information from “Base”, a transcript of the crew’s conversations was published. The investigation into the incident is currently ongoing.

This case became the subject of widespread discussion in the public and among aviation professionals.


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