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Chinese airline pilots were punished for fighting on board

The Chinese air carrier was punished for firing pilots on board a passenger flight.

According to information, two pilots of the Chinese loukoster "China United Airlines" arranged a real fight on board the passenger plane because of disagreements in a number of opinions. The incident took place in June last year, however, the judiciary rendered its decision only the day before, having established that the pilots who started the fight should be suspended from flights for 6 months, while for the air carrier there is no less severe punishment - 10% reduction Flight hours, which will naturally lead to loss of profits.

At the moment, information about the circumstances under which the fight has arisen is not specified, however, according to some information provided by the Chinese media, it became known that the pilot-in-command tried to impose his opinion on the second pilot who was of a different point of view , In view of what there was a verbal skirmish, and after and at all, frank scuffle.

We must make sure that one of them does not close in the wheelhouse.