UTair airline pilots prevented a crash in Vnukovo


UTair airline pilots prevented a crash in Vnukovo

This morning a serious aviation accident almost occurred at Vnukovo airport. The pilots of the UTair flight, flying from Grozny to Moscow on a Boeing 737-800, showed high professionalism and prevented a possible disaster by timely noticing another plane on the runway.

According to the SHOT news agency, the incident occurred at a time when the Boeing 737-800 was already in the final phase of landing. Another plane rolled out onto the same runway 06 - a Boeing 767-200, also belonging to UTair Airlines, which was supposed to fly to Dushanbe.

The pilots of the flight from Grozny instantly decided to abort the landing and went around. Thanks to their prompt actions, it was possible to avoid a collision between two aircraft. According to preliminary information, the cause of the incident was that the pilots of the flight to Dushanbe did not hear the dispatcher's instructions due to the blocking of the radio frequency by another aircraft.


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