Tu-95 bomber pilots congratulated American pilots on Independence Day

The crew of the Russian strategic bomber Tu-95 congratulated the American pilots of interceptor fighters on the occasion of the US Independence Day.

The incident occurred just three weeks ago, July 4 2015 years, however, the case was made public only on the eve of one of the American TV channels. According to the available information Avia.pro, approaching Russian bomber Tu-95 to US airspace to intercept were immediately sent to the American fighters, however, the conflict was not provoked, but rather the opposite - the pilot of the Russian strategic bomber Tu-95, passed on the emergency frequency American pilots congratulations on his country's independence.

Among other things, it is worth noting that 4 of July, Russian bombers twice approached the airspace of the United States that has caused outrage in the US Air Force, as planned in advance of the flights has not been announced.


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