Apache Attack


British pilots train 300 km from Russian borders

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace spoke about the prospects for British military aviation against the backdrop of the reform of the troops. London is about to undertake a major reform in the Royal Armed Forces, the main program of which is called "Soldiers of the Future". According to the minister, the 1st tactical aviation brigade will be joined with the 16th assault brigade "to form a global rapid reaction force."

Ben Wallace:

This transformation will enable us to respond quickly to crises around the world.

It is also reported that for the sake of "readiness for new challenges, training of crews of attack helicopters of the British army in" difficult conditions of the Arctic "is being carried out.

The case concerns the crews of Apache Attack helicopters, which, according to the minister, “will take piloting courses in the Far North for 10 days. Wallace did not name the specific region where the pilots of the British army undergo such training.

But on social networks, there were notes that British helicopters were attracted to maneuvers in Norway. Their base is the Bardufoss airfield, from which Hitler's planes took off during the Second World War. The airfield is located in the northern part of Norway, at a distance of 300 km from the border with the Russian Federation.

The British Ministry of Defense reports that helicopter pilots are piloting in low temperatures (below minus 20 degrees Celsius) and limited visibility. During the training, the skills of landing rotorcraft on ice, piloting in the dark are practiced. The crew also undergoes survival training in the event of an emergency helicopter landing.



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