Fighter F-35


F-35 pilots complain en masse about malfunctions in fighter control systems

US Air Force pilots began to complain en masse about the control problems of the F-35 fighter.

American fighter pilots began to complain about very serious control problems with the fifth generation American F-35 combat aircraft. Among the key circumstances are the problems with the control system of these aircraft - during even non-combat missions, numerous problems with on-board computers are recorded, which in the event of a real air battle practically guarantees that the fighter will be destroyed by the enemy.

“The biggest problem with the F-35 Lightning II touchscreen monitors is the lack of feedback when working with them, especially when overloaded. The pilot assures that about every fifth interaction with the touchmonitor leads to an error. ", - the Russian information resource "" reports.

A similar problem manifests itself on all fifth-generation American fighters, and, apparently, the American manufacturer is well aware of this problem, however, it still cannot be solved.

It should be noted that to date, the American F-35 fighter has about 200 different defects, while about 800 of them have been fixed.

The Israeli pilots do not complain about anything, and they ordered another one for the two existing squadrons ........

Writing off these errors, very likely, took place in an extremely short time. since all deadlines are already behind and, as a rule, in such moments they simply sign everything, find a person with a hanging tongue and he tells the commission that this is not a mistake, but the features of the software or design, or they urgently eliminate the deficiency as they can, unless the jambs are critical.

We would have learned from Formula 1, it is not just that they use toggle switches and buttons. With such overloads, sensors are not the best option for control. Here, in the phone, while driving, it normally does not work to press

I don't understand a week ago there were 830 errors now 200 and 800 of them were fixed in a week? So these 200 will be fixed today))