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Alitalia pilots and flight attendants go on strike

Flight attendants and pilots of the Italian airline "AlitaliaStarted the 24-hour strike.

As a result of the protest, at least 15% of airline flights are expected to be canceled, which will certainly affect the interests of hundreds and thousands of passengers. According to information received by the aviation portal, the strike of pilots and flight attendants of Alitalia Airlines is mainly due to the refusal of the airline’s management to sign an obligation to save jobs, and therefore, in the near future the staff of the aircraft operator may be reduced, and we are talking about hundreds of employees.

The strike should end today at midnight, but the protesters do not exclude the possibility that if the demands are not met, the next strike can last for three days, and this will seriously damage the image of the Italian air carrier, deprive it of a large income and lead to obvious problems With passengers in the future.


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