Fighter F-16


Pilots of the Israeli F-16 refused to strike at Syria due to the activation of the Syrian C-300

The new attack of Israel was completely disrupted.

Four Israeli missiles fired from the Golan Heights (Syrian territory illegally occupied by Israel - ed.), Were shot down by Syrian air defense systems, but according to experts, the Israeli night operation also included the use of combat aircraft neighboring Lebanon, yet did not dare to be destroyed by Syrian air defenses.

Information about the F-16 fighter jets in the Lebanese airspace at the time of the Israeli attack from the Golan Heights was published on social networks, where flights were reported near the Lebanese-Syrian border. However, due to the activation of the C-300 complexes (exclusively radar facilities - ed.), The Israeli pilots did not dare to become targets for these air defense systems.

It should be clarified that the Israeli military aviation did not take part in the last two attacks, which clearly indicates that Tel Aviv is well aware of the existing danger and the ability of the Syrian military to shoot down Israeli air force fighters even outside of Syria’s airspace.

Everyone wants to live. To kill from a distance is one thing, to risk something else. Normal reaction for the pilot in peacetime.

Believe pigeons, meeting with Israeli planes and Israeli pilots disappear on indefinite leave. Already 18 aircraft were written off for "technical" reasons, it is not clear why lie to the patriots? What would relatives not pay that they shot down in battle?

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