Lufthansa Airline


Lufthansa pilots will go on strike on September 8

Another strike of Lufthansa pilots will disrupt flights in Europe.

The strike of the pilots of the German airline is scheduled for September 8, while, despite assurances from representatives of the airline that the disruption of air traffic with a number of European cities will be insignificant, the information portal received information that, in all likelihood, about 30 % of flights.

The reason for the strike of the Lufthansa pilots was a long-term conflict between the management of the carrier, mainly related to improving working conditions, raising wages and creating all the necessary social conditions for the airline's employees. It is worth clarifying that one of the strikes already held this year has colossally affected the credibility of the German airline, since in fact, air traffic was paralyzed by 75%, which led to a collapse at airports and discontent of thousands of passengers.


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