Su-30 vs F-35


The pilots of the Russian Su-30SM forced the crew of the American F-35 to surrender and flee

For the first time, the Russian Su-30SM took a hard look at the American F-35.

The crew of a Russian Su-30SM fighter jet was raised to intercept an American F-35 fighter that was making strange maneuvers near Russian military bases in Syria. It is known that the American combat aircraft was in international airspace and, when the Russian fighter was taking off from the Khmeimim airbase, it tried to escape towards the central part of the Mediterranean Sea. The Russian Su-30SM not only began chasing the troublemaker, but also forced the American pilots to surrender.

It is known that the Russian Su-30SM fighter was sent in pursuit of an American fifth-generation fighter to identify the latter, but despite attempts by the F-35 fighter to break away from the Russian combat aircraft, this was not done. After the Russian pilots caught up with the American combat aircraft, the latter did not dare to get involved in the conflict. The crew of the American fighter fully admitted defeat and, having surrendered, left the eastern Mediterranean.

In this situation, it is noteworthy that the Russian air defense systems managed to completely bypass the "stealth" protection of the F-35 fighter, and the capabilities of the Russian Su-30SM made it possible to prove that in battle the domestic aircraft is actually equal in strength to the generation higher combat aircraft.


Surrender and Catapult are different words! Read carefully.

eject and flee, aren't they two different things

Ours see everything, but there is an agreement, and the Syrians have not yet grown up a groom, but this is a matter of time. Stealth technology is a scam. For these technologies to work, it is necessary for all countries of the world to have air defense radars operating at one single fixed frequency.

More than one Israeli plane does not run the risk of entering the air space. Syria. All missile strikes come from Lebanon and shoot down Syrian air defense.

There is a typo here. In fact, they ejected and escaped on foot from the pursuit ... by sea.

That's how it is Yes. (with)

Have you seen an Israeli plane in the Syrian sky?

Especially the Serbs were not seen when they shot down the F117

Laughing out loud!
If there were Russian corn workers in place of the Su30, the effect would be the same, the F-35s would turn around and fly away, the pilots need to be awarded the Heroes of Russia stars.
And as for the fact that the F-35 practically did not participate in real battles, the Israelis calmly fly to themselves in Syria, s-400 and S-300, they simply do not see

This is rather a demonstrative lesson for Israel.