Saudi pilots undergoing training in the United States accused of intent to launch a terrorist attack on fighter jets

Saudi Arabian Air Force pilots were accused of preparing a terrorist attack with a ramming of skyscrapers.

According to the arguments of a number of sources, Saudi Arabian Air Force pilots located at the US Air Force airbases are completely suspended from any flights because of the accusation of the latter in preparing terrorist acts similar to the 11 of September 2001. There is no evidence published, at least officially, so far, however, their removal may be related to the recent terrorist attack, as a result of which the Saudi military shot and killed soldiers on the basis of the US Navy Pensacola.

“All of the 175 Saudi Arabian Air Force pilots who are trained in the United States are completely barred from flying on any type of aircraft due to fears from the intelligence services of the September 11 attacks of September 2001. The restrictions were introduced after a Saudi officer studying at the US Navy Pensacola opened fire on the base, citing hatred of America. ", - reports the Military Explorer community.

How reliable this information is and whether it can be fake in nature is still unknown, however, the United States has changed its mind several times about the attack on the basis of the Navy, and has not decided on the final position.

It should be clarified that Washington had previously stated that Saudi Arabia is directly related to the terrorist attacks of September 11 of 2001.