VCS of Russia in Syria


Pilots VKS in Syria complained about the bestial attitude of command

Pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces group in Syria complained about the terrible attitude of the command.

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Defense of Russia denied information about the shortage of military pilots in the ranks of the Aerospace Forces, today in the afternoon the Telegram channel "The Look of a Man in Stripes" published photographs of documents (draft copies), which list the complaints of the pilots of the Aerospace Forces group in Syria, the main of which are complaints about the actions of higher authorities.

According to the submitted documents, the main complaints are:

  • Terrible attitude to the flight crews of the higher command of the group;
  • When performing combat missions in the SAR, the flight crew is attracted to unusual tasks - building, checking, cleaning the territory, non-observance of the work and rest standards of the flight crew, which ultimately leads to non-combat losses of the flight crew;
  • The military police in the SAR exceeds the authority, disrespectful of the flight personnel;
  • When performing combat missions in the SAR there is no material incentive to perform combat missions - in the canteen and at the laundress the daily allowance is the same as that of the pilots, although the degree of responsibility is different;
  • In the SAR there is no respect for the work of pilots. Submissions for awards remain without implementation, at the same time, soldiers of combined arms units are awarded every week.

It should be clarified that the information presented relates solely to pilots of the VKS stationed in Syria, and, based on the name of the document, we are obviously talking about a survey on why pilots intend to leave service in the VKS.


The appearance of this document has not yet been commented on either by the command of the VKS of the Russian Federation or the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

In Afghanistan, checks were paid - from the salary they calculated about 60 rubles, translated into checks and issued. I remember that in 1984 we received about 210 checks. A bottle of vodka from the refiners (MAP) cost 50 checks; the inspectors from the Union received 50 checks / day of travel. Voentorg a huge part of the goods was immediately floated to the local. Of course they caught ... But there were no political studies, no involvement of the flight and technical personnel in outside work.

Have you tried to be treated? It helps some!

Why didn’t you gobble the aviation? Not enough brain?

ALL arriving at Av. base "X" first of all RUN to the stands with orders and medals ... Lies - performance - lies - performance. Many, having put a "tick", decrease in two or three days.

This is the point ... no more comments ...

Everyone in the war has his own purpose, the flight crew is a special category of a fighter. He should be protected and used only to solve the tasks for which he is intended. A pilot can replace many specialists, nobody can! The pilot is a unique and extremely expensive special. Aviation. I’m saying that a tank should be rolled out, that a plane should be raised - the same thing! This is what a buzz when a policeman bites a pilot, a warehouse bites for wiped socks .... Finik pulls out of business trips, fixes obstacles so as not to pay for a class. ..Nachstroy quietly stro cheat award chiefs far from aviation, for the development of new aircraft .. I envy the sailors, when they at sea they live a very special marine life. No whining, the truth of life. Good luck to all.

Call the place of service. And your colleagues will certainly answer you. Herb-hands, mastic-hands, snow cleaning-hands ....

it's true!!!!!!!!!!

Kolya, who studied for what. Rummaging with the heads and tractor drivers will come running - you will not otmosheshsya. But with flight crews it is more difficult - to teach and prepare the five-year plan, if from scratch. Plus health requirements, plus desire - total no more than 3% of all young people. For a long time, the grandmother will have to rustle for long. A trained pilot costs as much as a plane and you need to be very careful about this highly valued subject and use it not for a sweeper, but only for its intended purpose.

I can also talk like that .. sitting on the couch

Immediately visible dashing warrior.
There is such a need to fight before the battle only in the toilets. The army is not the Ministry of Emergency Situations, it can not be stolen. And the patriododobilians from Shoigu, the great winner of Russia's military treasury, are enemies, and for foolishness or self-interest is not important.

Dubol you Vasya. such as you in a distant trench should be brought to life.

Vasya!!! you said utter nonsense, because you yourself are from the same pseudo-commanders who cover their theft and boorishness with words about the oath! He took the oath - does not mean that he must endure the illegal and boorish tricks of the authorities !!! we serve the Motherland, and not the covert and stealing polkens and generals

I completely agree, the attitude towards officers in the army is bestial, the salaries are not what they declared, the travelers do not pay only at the end of the year, as well as accommodation and the road at their own expense, daily allowances at current prices. In Syria, they even pay, but the pilots are on par with with all

Probably forgotten, as before the arrival of the general, lawn grass was painted. Look at the news cadres on the box who serves in the police there and immediately believe everything that is written in the complaint. Do not believe, then you did not serve with these men in one piece.

and you don’t run into the tractor driver. I saw the plane myself .. or only in cartoons

Charter and law for all one and one fatherland! I took the oath - serve and carry out everything that the Motherland will order, and the Motherland begins with the nearest commander. He does not invent his own tasks, he places them in his homeland. But if you don’t want it or you don’t, go away to a faraway trench and shoot yourself so that the soldiers will not see your shame, but not this ...

One could certainly not believe it, but the same attitude towards the personnel in our police. Do not forget, we live and serve not in Soviet times. There we served the working people, and now .....

And a bunch of papers were written and on the drill reviews the boots were washed away from the concrete, and of course they flew.

He flew fighters at the Union, cleaned the snow, mowed the grass, planted trees, cleaned up the garbage, walked the regiment on duty, raised the soldiers, but in all the regiments where I served the pilots were treated with respect. The service was often difficult, but interesting and I am happy that I had to go this way.

And I finished my service as deputy. according to the IAS regiment. And I will tell you that in the Far East in the Soviet years, pilots, along with the ITS, cleaned the snow in the zones and mowed the grass on the arches. For which I am still grateful to them! For in the complete absence of mechanics, the technical staff physically could not cope with the tasks alone. And to see airfield workers in the dispersal zones is fantastic! They would have to remove the strip and the CZT ... So, about the "white bone" - this is in the GSVG, probably ...

As from a song, I meet Seryozhka Fomin (1945), and he is a hero of the Soviet Union.

Comments of persons far from the army - 90%!
What paper? What are the front crews?
Sofa set

What do you want? Serdyukovschina and other pigs now commanders ... Toli still be. What is the commander in chief, such and commanders.

Who serves in the military police and you will understand everything.

Listen to the hero - try in the tractor from 5 in the morning and until late at night jump and smell dust for 10-12т.р. not the second 65 at a salary of more than 45.

and nothing surprised in the complaints of "career pilots"? I'm not asking "couch heroes", but those who walked across the sky ... in my opinion, another fake!

Starley biennial (!) Even the general does not dare to humiliate, because he knows that he himself will be immediately humiliated and the guy for it will not do anything. Even depriving 13,14 of money allowances.

That's right, in Syria there are other interests, the pilots there protect the interests of our oligarchs (thieves in law), but not our national interests. In Russia, the oligarchs dragged oil into their pockets and now put their hands on Syrian oil.

I also do not understand the meaning of whining. Life on business trips in the first place lies on the seconded, and this is why bring the servants who were washing and cleaning and washing the dishes behind them? Yes, the home-guard Tiatr at home for the first time wives wipe the floors like spirits and rubbish at one o'clock on the other day to take out another run, and here you are like pale-faced gentlemen to sweep the bulls into the padlu for them and maintain the territory entrusted to them. I have a car for example most expensive at the entrance to the house is, but I’m not at all in the bastard and leave the snow around it and fold it to the front door if there is a lot of pile, at the entrance is full of old people in the morning 6-7, and the janitor in our morning clean 8-9 Begins, Duc, while the machine is warming, it's a sin move a little

And you will join NATO, then not only the pilots will not be needed.

You have not seen them at the airport - this is the territory assigned to OBATO. LTS was occasionally used to clean runways from stones and grass - safety of flights. On the territory assigned to the division, both flight and ITS were cleaned in PCBs. Good luck

And you often do "ku" and lead the bell to the nose! Or understand who is commanding you!

Geeks of Ukrainians cry and wait. So always and everywhere was.

You, tractor driver, have you ever seen a plane closer to TV screen? This is not a tin can with diesel oil in which you used to sit!

Well, yes - straight pilots chase the plaza - how can you see as building guards like grenadiers - yes, we have better dogs in the yard - don't crap - fly to the boarder - and the navigator plops on the parade - and you went to the boevki - yes Already in Afghanistan, half of our intelligence went to combat in sneakers — and they don’t even think about the same — for each combat departure, the payment on a separate grid — I don’t know how much — but the fact that my neighbor is a technical engineer is the third month in Syria - and the guys Somali pirates went to drive - after the campaign they bought cars in fokin about not getting over them - and about the grass - it wasn’t forcing the tankers to force us, and then the pilots - well, the major or the lieutenant colonel would tweak the grass - don’t make you laugh - and with the military police - it’s rather behind the base’s territory - because they answer for every fool who see the city and for the pilot 100 multiple

With a nod? Pliz link to the article of the Charter of the Internal Service of the RF Armed Forces.

Dmitry, where did you find in the complaint the words about "Excess of authority and humiliation by the military police of the SAR!" it says about "abuse of power by the police in the SAR" and this is a HUGE difference ...

Why is everyone "grasping" this topic of cleaning the territory and "lack of l / s" ?! After all, the flight crew's complaints are not only about this! Excess of authority and humiliation by the military police of the SAR! What is this ... !!! Whose order is this to put pressure on the pilots? The American pilots would be tried to offend some military police of the SAR. I would be curious: And what happened to them (the police) later. And what is this disrespect ?! If you don't like our videoconferencing, get in your bicycles, donated from the other side of the trenches, and go !!!!

I confirm. For 15 years of service in the Air Force I watched "oil" and worse pictures. And the dumber the bureaucrat, the more zealously rushed into the cockpit after landing the plane with explanations "but how it should have been ..." This is ...

With a nod. You can casually and not looking in the direction of the fighter. From personal experience.

Totally agree!

and the quote itself: ... tweeted the grass between the plates, cleaned the papers and leaves on the assigned territory in the execution area of ​​the database? And generally in areas of a DB happened? Ali wrote like la la la. P.S. I will repeat in the area and during the database, and then they will start to inflate cheeks. No, well, those who in the headquarters chambers of the database conducted another question. They tweak weed to prevent stagnation in the pelvic organs is useful.

with a turn at the command post

The runways were not cleaned, and parking was permanent, in winter it was snowing, in summer we had to pinch the grass between the plates, clean up the papers and leaves in the fixed area.

The foundations of neglect are laid down in the Charter of Ext. Services of the RF Armed Forces. We read Chapter 2 "On military courtesy .." Bosses and seniors, referring to subordinates and juniors on service issues, call them by their military rank and surname. And subordinates and juniors, referring to the chiefs and elders on service issues, call them according to their military rank. I propose to remove the reference only by name, without specifying the military rank, and always say before the rank, comrade. Well, a complete explosion of the brain is "Out of order, giving or receiving an order, servicemen are required to take a drill posture, and when wearing a headdress, put a hand on it and lower it after giving or receiving an order." This is where there is no end to the work of the Military Police. If you introduce a fine of 100 rubles for not fulfilling this article, give a video camera to the Military Policeman and pay a bonus to the policeman with a fine of 10 rubles, then you yourself understand how much money he will earn on our bosses, starting from someone. department and up to the Minister))). And such a question. Imagine the situation of the checkpoint there are a day-soldier, a captain, and the colonel leaves the gates of the UAZ - the private gives (to a passing piece of iron) a military greeting whether the officers present who know the charter should do the same. And if they should, how, according to the charter, should a soldier sitting in a piece of iron greet them?

Now you don't need to be a good specialist in the army, they just don't need it !!! Remember the slogan "Learn military affairs - in a real way", and so at the present time you need to serve according to the principle "There is strength - no mind", then you will be paid for class! (And nothing that you are a little dumb, the main thing is that you run well !) And the technique is maintained in good condition, as a rule, by those who are not worthy of being classy !!!!!

And what do veteran crusts give? 2900 additional payment per month, and about the pension, they will remember more than once, this year military pensioners did not add a penny at all, and before that, they compensate each year for a smaller amount than inflation, and in the first years of Putin’s rule, the military’s pension was reduced to cost of living, it is under Medvedev slightly raised

Alexander! You either read not carefully, or not "in the subject", the conversation about cleaning the "territory", and not the runway (the airfield in your opinion) is - one, and two - this is 10 people per place at the reception, i.e. the selection criterion, not the number of graduates, who are really not enough, and thirdly, there is only one flight school that graduates military pilots in the Russian Federation! And based on the above, it follows that you do not in any way, not possessing information on the issues discussed, undertake to contradict the facts indicated in the letter, i.e. unprofessional trolling just not clear in whose favor!

Alexander! You either read not carefully, or not "in the subject", the conversation about cleaning the "territory", and not the runway (the airfield in your opinion) is - one, and two - this is 10 people per place at the reception, i.e. the selection criterion, not the number of graduates, who are really not enough, and thirdly, there is only one flight school that graduates military pilots in the Russian Federation! And based on the above, it follows that you do not in any way, not possessing information on the issues discussed, undertake to contradict the facts indicated in the letter, i.e. unprofessional trolling just not clear in whose favor!

Guys, some horror stories are telling. In Soviet times, even in the classroom, the former teacher clever head went to the political department, the colonel came and talked, and while serving 2, there was not any rudeness or anything else.

I flew from the first day of service to the last day of service .... (20 years) I personally saw how the lieutenant colonel was addressed with the words: "You go here!" and it was more than once ... they climbed into the cockpit and tried lead ... and the drill was engaged and the territory was cleaned ... nothing has changed !!!!

Another story from the series "I am the officer's daughter".

Guys ... do you seriously believe that Serdyukov is to blame for the collapse of the army?

I confirm, from the words of the helicopter pilot - "I was assigned a combat mission, I urgently need to take off, and the pilot-operator is marching to the parade ground in 40 degrees heat, because the socks are not regulated.

It is a pity if this happens. And God forbid, if somewhere, there will be a serious conflict. That's when all the foam comes up. I’m probably lucky. Maybe because I was surrounded by commanders who got to Berlin.

This bestiality has long been the norm ... So surely in the northern fleet ... But everyone is silent because there is nowhere to work .... I would give up the hara and leave ... And so you have to endure ... So this is a tale from the TV about the army and navy is a blatant lie !!! Neither the experts nor the materiel of the new ... EVERYTHING is a lie !!!

But my battalion commander had the honor of an officer and courage on the parade ground to tell the regiment commander that he would stop violating the charter and humiliate the two-year-old leader in front of officers and soldiers.

You are speaking the truth!

I am the commander of an aerodrome operational company! I served in the last century. The flight crew never took part in cleaning the runway and other airfield facilities !!! FLYERS ARE "WHITE BONE" !!!

this is called information war

In flight military schools of Russia competition 10 people into place. And then some nonsense is written about the lack of pilots. And what is there to clean the flight structure at the airport? I worked for 20 for years at a military airfield - there everything is swept by special machines. Behind the wheel they are trained soldiers, not pilots.

And I believe ... The commanders have a lot of aplomb and outright rudeness ... Especially among "hereditary" ones (who are supervised and promoted by dads) and stupid (but decisive) ... And as a rule, there are no complaints about the hardships of the service ... spirit cannot tolerate injustice ...

I do not believe, fake and an attempt to descride the command of the RF Armed Forces

I agree completely ... a contract ... it means there is an element of commercial interest ... and there is a risk for life too .. then wrinkle your ass ... you have to pay how you need it to be that everything according to your conscience ...!

Serdyukovskaya rot is still apparently smoldering in the troops .... apparently it was boiling at the combat crews .... but snot should not be allowed the same way as the extra borzota of the senior in rank, but with money, of course, you have to decide for what and how much, especially for combat business in a foreign land ... there is no Motherland, if not cool, other interests are there, even though they were sent there to the service from the Motherland ...

Oh, this is what bread slicer thinks?

I have the honor not only officers!

I am sure that this is a senior command, receives awards for them. Passed it in Afghanistan. And to force the pilots to sweep the streets, this is insanity. I flew then to AN-12. him To my objections that he would die in a sealed cabin, he did not want to react. I had to send him to hell. They poured and left.

Serge - not loot - you would stand when an officer would obscenely shout at you when you were building, because you didn’t do it, but your boss didn’t figure it out and the elder boss allowed himself that !? That is - and there it is very often and a little bit, that - immediately a threat of dismissal! The same situation is with holiday-makers in the DNR-LNR - so they generally don’t feel the ground under their feet ... The phrase - Do not worry - your women still give birth to meat - these are just flowers in dealing with the military of these republics! Yes, maybe these military and stupid, so they are not because they do not want to learn, but because no one teaches them!

Endure all the burdens and deprivations of military service !!!
And here some of the splendor look different. Bullshit you and not an officer if you let snot. You have no right to say "I have the honor"
Previously, the idea was, but now one loot in the eyes.

Dmitriy, you are just DIFFERENT! Try to bring the brain of a major to the sergeant’s headmaster and a lip with a sergean girdle. The sergeant can call the officer of the interim government who can detain the officer and send him to the commandant's office with a report.

"cleaning the territory" is nonsense! the flight crew are officers, it is not real to force them to clean the territory. If something happens - a report on the table and bye, bye.
"The military police in the SAR exceed their powers, disrespectful to the flight personnel" in general, complete bullshit! In the event of illegal actions, the VP can detain an officer and hand him over to the commandant's office with a report, where they will understand.

Provocative complaints. There will be no order in front units without checks and constructions (especially from those sent). And the outfit is the outfit, no matter who you are. And the surcharges go only for the combat, and so all the travelers.

The Afghan is a chatterbox. My brother went through half a year's training before joining the 1st man group in Afghanistan. And he fought there for almost a year and a half. And served 4 months. And for all this time, the minimum losses, and not cannon fodder. And they served not for fear, but for conscience. And I can proudly say: "I have the honor!" gentlemen officers. In our time, there were fellow officers

Umnichka! I agree to all 100%. I myself am a former officer of the Strategic Missile Forces

What are you, "Afghan"? Found myself a nickname, fucking provocateur. You bitch, pimply sitting somewhere in America, and pounding on the keys for greens from the CIA. If you were in Russia, I would hang you by the balls for calling himself an "Afghan."

Are you an idiot finished or a provocateur.

It seems that "complaints" should be believed. It looks more like the truth there. These "sores" of the army are not only in the SAR, they are in Russia too.

Brother, well, what duty have we done? We were thrown into slaughter as slaves. There were no brains yet, but was called up at the SAVO military registration and enlistment office. They asked: do you know karate, did you go to the flying club? And the direct road to hell. My grandfather in Kursk was killed and I am proud of him. And I don't want to tell my grandchildren anything.
But I want their opinions to be considered, this is not whining.

In the army a mess, and window dressing with photo reports. And in SAR it is squared, if not in a cube! There the majors go to the sergeant positions to get the veteran's heads and crusts, naturally this major will not perform the functional duties of the sergeant position! Military police is the apotheosis of army marasmus, where a sergeant of the military police, whose milk on his lips is not dry, can approach a military officer, for example, a lieutenant colonel, and at all begin to take out his brain for not quite exactly chevron or light unsightly. I can say one thing about the mode of rest of the flight crew: Violation of this mode directly affects flight safety! This is about building and other work.

Therefore, I believe that information from documents can be trusted!

Previously, they served more for the idea, and now - a contract. Do not take into account the realities, comrade.

The document is drawn on a soft piece of paper right away!

When transferred to the reserve, they and the pension will receive half-cut as all servicemen, so the robbery will not end.

Most of the claims seem to have been made by a person far removed from the military. Since when did the construction and verification of "unusual tasks" for the military? Why should a pilot's "daily allowance" be higher than that of a combat officer? Daily allowance is the same travel allowance, and for combat work he receives a double salary according to his position. And about the military police and awards, it is generally similar to the complaints of a teenager.

A civilian pilot in China receives 10-000 dollars, even in Aeroflot - about 12. Lieutenant colonels fly in Syria, there are few young pilots and there will be even fewer with such heads. So give me some money - put a new hole in the belt.

Cleaning up the territory is already overkill, and the fact that they award those who have always been closer to the authorities has always been like that, at all times ... for the attack ... and for the cold, the red star .. we did not invent

Not surprised. In the Ministry of Defense there are bureaucrats-nomenklatura, capable of "sawing" the grandmother and growing the belly. Such trash has been at all times ...

Guys! In Afghanistan, we also had constructions, and reviews, and combat exits and sorties, and the salary was not shared by participants in the hostilities and those who were in the rear. And we did not cry, we did our duty. And you whine, it means no place for you in the armed forces.

Something I can not believe. Although our officials still can not expect this.

In Russia, only Licking is valued, but HEROES only need the dead! The Kremlin needs to be bombed, not Syria!

All this is true, and now imagine how they relate to the military in Russia ...

We need to take foreign pilots so that ours have a healthy competition and then there will be no complaints

Get it, sign it



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