Japan Airlines airline


Pilots of the Japanese airliner tried to take off from the taxiway

Pilots of the Japanese airline "Japan Airlines"Almost arranged a plane crash in the Singapore airport.

According to information received by the aviation portal Avia.pro, the pilots of a passenger airliner, due to their carelessness, confused the taxiway with the runway, and therefore tried to take off. The incident itself took place about two and a half weeks ago, on July 12, and after an investigation, it became known that the crew of the passenger airliner would be disciplined, since the actions almost led to catastrophic consequences.

The pilots themselves refused to comment on the situation, and according to some information, the air carrier's management temporarily suspended the pilots from work. It is worth to clarify that such an incident is noted for the first time, and being on the taxiway other passenger aircraft, this would certainly lead to hundreds of human casualties.


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