Explosion at a military base


Al-Shaddadi missile strike struck US military base

The US military air base suffered the second missile strike in 72 hours.

The terrorists of the Islamic State (ISIS, a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - approx. Ed.) Announced a missile strike on the US military base al-Shaddadi, located in northeastern Syria. Data on the victims are not currently provided, however, according to terrorists, as a result of the attack, several units of military equipment were destroyed.

The command of the American military group in this region does not comment on this information, however, it is noteworthy that several hundred militants escaped from the ISIS terrorist prison camp several hours before the rocket attack, and near the Al-Shaddadi base there is a Turkish military front, leading an offensive on the position of the Kurds, in connection with which, missile bombardment of the American military could really take place.

According to recent reports, Washington has decided to urgently evacuate about a thousand of its troops from Syria, while the position on this issue among other countries members of the international coalition remains unknown.

* The photo is illustrative.