US military base in al-Tanf zone hit

The US military base at al-Tanf was hit.

The strikes, apparently, were carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles, which were already blown up directly on the territory of the military base. It is known that the drones were controlled manually and the target of the attack was almost guaranteed to be American troops that continue to be in eastern Syria and US-controlled militants.

The American side reports that one drone was shot down in the air, while the second struck. However, in the published photos, you can see that both drones exploded on the territory of the American military base. Moreover, there are almost certainly casualties with collateral damage, although the official US statement notes that there are no casualties or injuries.

“At 06:30 am, an attempt was made to attack the at-Tanf garrison with drones. The contingent of the International Coalition, stationed in the garrison, was able to destroy one UAV on approach, and the second exploded on the territory of the complex belonging to Jaish Magawir al-Saura. No one was injured in the incident.", the official statement says.

Who exactly is behind the attack on the American military base is not specified, however, the drones used were clearly not of artisanal origin.