A powerful blow was struck at the US airbase in Iraq

The American military base came under heavy attack.

A few hours ago, a powerful explosion occurred at an American military base in Iraq, which led to a serious fire. According to sources in Iraq, unidentified persons attacked a US military facility near Baghdad. At the same time, judging by the video materials presented, the US Air Force airbase suffered quite serious damage.

In the presented video frames, you can see that something is very seriously burning on the territory of the perimeter of the American military base. Sources claim that this was preceded by a powerful explosion. The American side has not yet given any comments on the incident, however, unofficial sources report an attack by unknown persons on the US Air Force base.

The Middle East media report that the airbase has been severely damaged and injured among the American military, although there is no evidence of this to date.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that for several hours the American Air Force attacked the base of the pro-Iranian forces in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor. This could be a response from Iranian-backed forces.