Missile strikes on Berdyansk

The city of Berdyansk was subjected to a massive missile strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. While details about the nature of the attack and the types of missiles used remain unclear, however, there are speculations about the use of British "Storm Shadow" missiles or other missile systems. 

At the moment, emergency services are working at the site of the explosions, carrying out the necessary operations to eliminate the consequences of a missile strike and provide assistance to the population. 

Information about the victims, victims and the extent of destruction continues to be clarified. Despite the fact that the exact picture of damage and the number of victims is not yet known, such attacks certainly raise serious concerns, especially since a few hours earlier a missile attack was launched on a military airfield in Morozovsk.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine dealt a massive blow to Berdyansk. Whether these were British Storm Shadow missiles or something else is still unknown. Emergency services are working at the site of the explosions"- said Rogov.

It should be noted that at the moment there are no official statements regarding the ongoing strikes by the Russian Ministry of Defense yet.


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