For the first time NATO missiles and shells hit Donbass

For the first time, NATO weapons were struck in the Donbas.

The territories of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics were attacked with the use of NATO weapons. We are talking mainly about the use of missile systems, small arms and artillery weapons. Moreover, if initially such information appeared only at the level of rumors, then later the current information was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“I would like to focus on what is happening with Ukraine. These are not just teachings. Seven exercises are planned by NATO and Ukraine this year. After all, there are no other problems in Ukraine, except how to conduct exercises with NATO. Last night there was another shelling from the Kiev authorities of Donbass. Yesterday I read the reports of, so to speak, representatives of Donbass on this score, <...> they recorded both the appropriate caliber, which was used during the shelling, and the number of strikes. Our western partners did not notice this at all "- emphasized the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova.

Despite the absence of large-scale clashes between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the forces of the DPR and LPR, the situation in Donbass is very tense - the Ukrainian army is still in the demarcation zone, and the number of attacks from the Ukrainian Armed Forces only continues to increase.

A day earlier, the head of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced that Kiev was ready to consider breaking ties with Donbass, which obviously implies the start of an offensive against the region.

The Armenians have stocks of Soviet weapons and ammunition! Not Russian! As well as Azerbaijan. So don't lie

And therefore, Azerbaijan with Turkish mercenaries seized Karabakh by force ...
Tell me better about how Turkish operators controlled Bayraktar and fired guided projectiles with him ...

In the peaceful cities of Azerbaijan, the Armenians also struck with the use of Russian missiles and the Russian authorities wagged their tail and did not want to recognize.

In 2014 on the lands of liberation

Express another concern

I agree completely!

Noodles from the author to the ears of Russians

Urgently! Warn NATO countries that if repeated, NATO bases will be hit. Donbass is not a training ground for the military.

It's time to end this confrontation.

The betrayal of Russia is beginning to bear fruit .. Whether it will still be oh her to her !!!