Donetsk hit by corrected German shells

Donetsk attacked by German homing ammunition.

German cluster homing munitions began to be used not only against armored vehicles, but also against civilians. As it became known, a few hours ago, strikes were carried out on the territory of Donetsk using SMArt 155 ammunition. The latter are mainly designed to destroy armored vehicles due to homing, however, it is obvious that now they are also adapted to defeat people.

A little earlier, video footage appeared showing the shelling of the territory of Donetsk by Ukrainian artillery. As it turned out, we are talking about SMArt 155 ammunition, as evidenced by fragments of these ammunition found on the spot. The latter are of particular danger due to the fact that they hit the target in a narrow area with a large number of damaging elements.

Kyiv has not yet commented on the use of such ammunition, however, experts believe that due to such actions on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Germany may refuse to further supply such ammunition to the armament of Ukraine, since the latter were intended primarily to be used against armored vehicles.


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