Emergency landing of plane


Upon returning to the passenger aircraft "Roshchino" is checked

Airlines' passenger aircraftGazpromavia"Over the weekend returned to their departure airport due to technical problems.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is currently inspecting the return of a passenger airplane belonging to the Gazpromavia airline to the airport "Roshchino". As it became known, the flight that followed the route Tyumen - Novy Urengoy returned to the airport of its departure a few minutes after departure. On board the aircraft were 86 passengers, and one of the reasons for the incident is the technical malfunction of the chassis of the aircraft.

During the incident, none of the passengers was not injured, but the causes of the incident are unknown, and most likely due to not enough good technical aircraft maintenance.

According to results of checks will be accepted procedural decision on the occurrence of an emergency on board passenger aircraft.