Kharkiv hit by the strongest missile attack in recent months

One of the strongest blows in recent months has been dealt to objects on the territory of Kharkov.

As a result of the precise arrival of the cruise missile, the explosion was so powerful that it almost broke the CCTV camera located at a distance of 10 kilometers from the point of impact. The purpose of the strike has not yet been disclosed, but the strongest flash from the explosion lit up the city of one and a half million people.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the attack on Kharkov by a cruise missile of an unidentified type. With the use of what kind of weapons the strike was delivered is unknown, but the power of the latter turned out to be so great that the destruction at the facility used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine turned out to be simply colossal. Apparently, the brightness of the flash from the explosion and the shock wave were so strong that the surveillance camera that captured the footage of the impact almost failed, as can be seen from the clearly disturbed picture.

Experts note that such powerful strikes were observed only at the beginning of a special military operation. This indicates the fact that the strike was delivered on a fairly important object, the destruction of which was a priority.