Missile strikes on Kherson, there is destruction

Kherson was attacked by Himars MLRS - at least 9 explosions thundered.

Tonight Kherson was under a massive missile attack from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to local sources, at least 9 explosions could be heard in total. At the same time, anti-aircraft defense facilities were allegedly operating on the territory of the city. However, despite this fact, there is serious damage in the city.

As journalists managed to find out, as a result of an attack by the Ukrainian military, the building of the city emergency service was partially destroyed. The destruction is very serious - judging by the photographs and videos, the entire top floor of the building was demolished.

In addition, explosions also took place in other areas of the city, however, it is not yet known for certain whether it was Ukrainian missile hits or the operation of air defense systems.

There is currently no information about the victims and victims, while the motive for such violent strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is still unknown.