The largest missile strike in decades has been inflicted on Israeli Tel Aviv

In response to the Israeli aggression, hundreds of rockets were fired at Tel Aviv.

A few hours ago, members of the Hamas movement launched one of the largest missile strikes on Tel Aviv territory, firing 15 missiles in just 130 minutes. It is known about significant losses and serious destruction - the Israeli complexes "Iron Dome" ("Iron Dome") managed to intercept only about 30 missiles, while the rest inflicted precise strikes both on Tel Aviv itself and on its suburbs.

On the video footage presented, you can see the first moment of the successful attack of the Hamas movement, while experts draw attention to the fact that the missiles have already overcome most of their trajectory, however, the Israeli air defense systems simply did not notice them, as a result of which the first wave of the attack completely covered Israeli cities.

At the moment, it is known that the strikes fell on densely populated areas of Tel Aviv, and there are significant casualties and injuries among the civilian population, as evidenced by video footage and photographs from the streets of one of the largest cities in Israel that appeared on the Web.

Experts draw attention to the fact that Tel Aviv has not been subjected to such major strikes for several decades, while there is a possibility that strikes can be continued, but not from the Gaza Strip, but from Syria, where Iran, according to a number of data, it has deployed up to two thousand of its short-range missiles and kamikaze drones, as well as from Yemen, which is armed with several dozen Iranian ballistic missiles capable of striking any part of southern Israel.

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